A Red Maryland UNendorsement

Many of you may remember back to the shenanigans of last summer, when former Republican Women of Anne Arundel County President Joyce Thomann shot her mouth off before her brain was loaded and compared Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler. It was an ugly stain on the Maryland Republican Party and something that we hoped that we would never have to speak of again….

….until, that is, Joyce Thomann decided to file as a candidate for the Anne Arundel Republican Central Committee in District 30.

The editors here at Red Maryland, as you know, only make endorsements in instances in which the editors unanimously agree. Well, for our first group unendorsement, we met the same criteria.

The fact of the matter is that last summer Maryland Republicans, ourselves included, were unnecessarily distracted by remarks that were so far off of the reservation that they deserved action beyond mere censure and condemnation, but outright repudiation; a repudiation, incidentally, that came from a large majority of state and local Republicans. As I said last year, ” These comments did one hell of a lot of damage to the cause of conservatism and the cause of the Republican Party.” And I personally stand by those remarks.

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The issue of course, then comes back to Thomann seeking elected office to be an officer of the Anne Arundel Republican Party and by extension the Maryland Republican Party. The fact of the matter is that Thomann, if elected to the Central Committee, would be a representative of the party and, by default, her views would reflect poorly on both the county party, the state party, and the residents of the 30th District.

The 2010 election and the 2012 election beyond that needs to be considerate of the political environment in which we currently find ourselves. Our Central Committees are tasked with the goal of building the party, raising funds, and preparing the battlefield for our future endeavors. We must, in an panglossian setting, elect dynamic Central Committee members who are gung ho in meeting these objectives. But at the very least, we need to make sure that our central committee members do no harm in their election.

In that regard, Red Maryland wholeheartedly unendorses Joyce Thomann for the Republican Central Committee in District 30. We urge Republicans in the 30th District to elect Republican Central Committee leadership who will work hard for their district, work hard for the Republican Party, and work hard to bring conservative principles to the state of Maryland without being an unneeded distraction to our work and to our mission.

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