A False Flag

Now I speak of something that several Republicans have talked about privately, but nobody has spoken about publicly until now…

….is Daniel Vovak a Democrat in disguise?

Sure Daniel Vovak has ostensibly “run” for several offices as a Republican, included a “campaign” for President in 2004 when he wasn’t eligible, seeking the Republican nomination for Senate in 2004 when the Republican nominee was disqualified (ironically, that selection went to former Marylander Alan Keyes, who got the right to get trounced by Barack Obama that November). Vovak then sought the Republican nomination for Senate here in Maryland in 2006, running a relatively Seinfeld-esque campaign while wearing a wig, followed up by his quixotic campaign for State Party Chair last year. In between, he managed to come up with a hairbrained movie concept about the Monica Lewinsky that starred Paula Jones and wrote a novel with himself as the main character.

His latest publicity stunts haven’t really done much better as far as establishing credibility. He’s running for Montgomery County Executive, ostensibly as a Republican but taking wildly odd political positions many of which run contrary to basic Republican principles. In the meantime, he’s also trying to hire a Democratic County Councilman to run his administration, attended Martin O’Malley’s campaign kickoff. He even got himself caught up in the South Carolina Democratic Senate Primary fiasco. And his latest stunt is publicly pointing out that the Maryland Democratic Party thanked the Republican Vovak for his donation. And Vovak even manages to throw this quote in there:

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I’m probably the only Republican since Connie Morella whom Democrats can trust.

I think it is safe to say that Daniel Vovak is not a Republican, at least by any ostensibly reasonable definition of what it is to be a Republican. Not only does Vovak not take any reasonably Republican issue positions in his campaign, but it also is clear that any time that Vovak obtains even a modicum of publicity for his schemes, it is always in a light to brings disdain and embarrassment to the Maryland Republican Party.

Daniel Vovak may be a registered Republican. He may be a candidate in a Republican Primary. But it is clear that Vovak is not a Republican, merely a liberal operating under a false flag in order to bring shame to our side. And I don’t think that we should pretend that he is anything else any longer…


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