Wig Man Vovak running Alvin Greene Campaign?

One would think this too-clever-by-half trick is beyond bizarre–but we’re talking about Daniel Vovak.

But the strangeness continued Thursday: A Twitter account was set up by a user claiming to be Alvin Greene, who used the social media site to advertise an open position as his campaign manager. By the end of the day, Daniel Vovak, a Republican who in 2006 ran against then-Lt. Gov. Michael Steele for the U.S. Senate in Maryland, claimed to The Daily Caller that he was Greene’s campaign manager.

“He’s an inspiration for candidates,” Vovak said during a short phone interview with The Daily Caller. But by Thursday night, the dubious Twitter account was deleted, and the extent of Vovak’s involvement in the campaign — if he’s really involved at all — was not immediately clear….

But when Greene appeared on MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann, he said the Twitter account and website were not authorized by him. “There’s just some false sites out there that I’m not operating,” he said. “That’s something that I just got today. That there are false sites out there relating to me and my campaign. I just want to let everyone know that there are sites out there that don’t have my authority.”

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Then there is Newsbusters blogger Lachlan Markay’s interview with Vovack, here’s a snippet:


Here’s where I’m coming from: you purport to be a campaign manager for a Democrat, but you are a Republican, and a satirist to boot. The absurd Twitter
feed that publicized your hiring has been deleted, and the site to which that
feed linked, supposedly the official campaign site, is now the “unofficial”
“grassroots” site of the campaign. Greene himself denied having a Twitter feed,
as the site so helpfully notes. He also noted that there are some sketchy
websites falsely claiming to be his official campaign site. AlvinGreene2010.com
certainly fits the profile.

So here’s what I think: you saw a great opportunity to create a funny hoax
of a Twitter feed. The bizarre nature of the whole story kept people wondering,
when in any other scenario, the feed would have been dismissed as a hoax
immediately (that is also, presumably, why you initially deleted
this tweet). You registered a great domain name along with an email address for the candidate, and claimed that you had been hired as campaign manager. By posting your number and confirming to hapless fools such as myself that this was all true, you planned to affirm the authenticity of the Twitter account and the website. All of this worked very well until the candidate himself deflated the whole thing.

If this is all wrong, please enlighten me. But I’m not going to be strung along. If there’s a story here, I’m open to it, but so far I don’t see one, beyond a funny story to tell during happy hour.


Note to national media: Vovak is the guy who botched his own press release announcing his run for Montgomery County Executive. We don’t take Vovak seriously here in Maryland and neither should you.

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