Lawless Doubles-Down

So I get a Facebook message this morning from Benjamin Lawless, who took not kindly to me calling him a dumbass last night:

I’ll accept your apology and I expect the removal of your comments about me
when you speak to people who actually matter and learn the truth. Try speaking
to me next time before jumping to conclusions, publicly. Also, no where in the
Md Constitution does it state a required age for Lieutenant; 30 is “assumed.” I
was actually very close to being chosen. I was not simply because I live in
Baltimore County.

Really? Let’s take a look at Article II, Section 5 of the Maryland State Constitution:

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SEC. 5. A person to be eligible for the office of Governor or Lieutenant
Governor must have attained the age of thirty years, and must have been a
resident and registered voter of the State for five years next immediately
preceding his election (amended by Chapter 532, Acts of 1970, ratified Nov. 3,

So exactly which part of this is not clear?

This is a complete embarrasment for the Republican Party at this point, particularly as it relates to Baltimore County being so important for us to win big as a party. I publicly call on Lawless to explain himself who exactly he is trying to kid.

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