Disingenuous Ben

Ben Cardin did a little disingenuous tweeting yesterday trying to link BP and the disaster in the Gulf to Lisa Murkowski’s Senate resolution banning the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating carbon dioxide under the auspices of a highly dubious endangerment finding under the Clean Air Act. The EPA’s endangerment finding is essentially a bureaucratic gun to the head to Congress—pass cap and trade or else!

There are two reasons Cardin would do this.

First, Cardin wants cap and trade. After all he did call the economy killing measure “the most significant revenue-generating proposal of our time.” Sure cap and trade would be good for federal coffers and rent seeking corporations, but not so much for Maryland, which generates 60% or more of it’s energy, above the national average, from coal.

Second, as The Hill points out a Democratic controlled Senate rebuking Obama’s EPA would be quite embarrassing. Murkowski’s resolution already has 40 cosponsors, and the Hill says if Senate Republicans stay unified the resolution would have 45 votes. Plus, Democrats Mark Pryor Evan Bayh, and Jim Webb are also in play.

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All of Cardin’s sturm and drang about “polluters” is nothing more than political cover for President Obama and the Democrats.

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