But I thought it was a perception problem

Remember last week when MTA Chief Ralign Wells said that the problem with the MTA and its services was perception and not service.

Yeah….about that.

I have a high suspicion that the 1,000 commuters that the MTA left stranded for two-hours in hot, inhuman conditions without being provided any relief in the form of a simple drink of water on a MARC train probably think that the perception of the MTA is not exactly a high priority. Maybe a MARC train system that works is. Because this does not sound like the words of satisfied customers:

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They absolutely lost control of the situation,” said Tim Kelly of Arbutus, a
10-year MARC rider who called the experience “the worst I’ve ever seen” on the
commuter railroad.

Passenger Bill Rowe of Towson said he estimated the
temperature in the car “conservatively” at 110 degrees. “Frankly, if someone
left their dog locked up in a car for 11/2 hours like this, they would be
arrested,” he said.

Way to go MTA! Clearly the perception of your agency is in the dumps because you don’t market well enough, not because you can’t keep the system running or, when the system fails, treat your customers like human beings. And as more details come out, the worse the whole incident it sounds.

Heads should roll over this…..and maybe it’s time for me to call (again) for a purge of senior leadership over at the MTA.



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