Vic Bernson for Delegate, District 33A

As Brian has written, the editors here at RedMaryland are making endorsements in contested Republican primaries throughout the state, in large part, to allow the conservatives who read our blog to direct their positive energies into supporting candidates. Specifically, we are seeking to promote candidates to the General Assembly who are not only conservative but have the ability and passion to lead the GOP caucus in a conservative direction and the tenacity to redirect our state from the disastrous liberal course in which we now find ourselves.

This means candidates with fresh enthusiasm and the will to resist the crucible that Annapolis can be for conservatives. It also means that districts which are safely Republican are not ignored or taken for granted but will receive particular focus to ensure that just the kind of conservative leaders I have described are serving these cornerstone districts in the General Assembly.

One such district is District 33A located in central Anne Arundel county and one such candidate is Vic Bernson. It is with great pride that I announce and explain our endorsement of Vic Bernson.

In the interest of full disclosure, District 33A is a district I know well. Not only do I live in the district but I ran for Delegate in the Republican primary in 2006. I have met many of the good conservative voters in this district. That experience tells me that not only is Vic Bernson the right candidate but that he will do an extraordinary job representing this district.

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Vic Bernson is an attorney, a Navy veteran and a proud father of two kids in college. He has served in the Pentagon, in the Justice Department as General Counsel for the White House Office of Administration. He has been involved in his community as a volunteer for the Boy Scouts and as a youth basketball and baseball coach.

Vic has also earned his stripes as a tireless grassroots conservative activist. He served as counsel to the county Republican Central Committee. He was President of the Severna Park Elephant Club, a group of local GOP activists, and was given the 2000 GOP Man of the Year award.

These are all the qualifications you would expect from a community leader, but the most telling position Vic has held is his appointment by Governor Ehrlich to the county’s school board. Vic was a tireless advocate, and often lone voice, for common sense fiscal conservatism and sound education policy on a committee wildly out of touch with the citizens of our county. Vic stood up to a school board who advocated for massive tax increases and sought unfettered increases in education spending without the slightest regard to the affordability of such budgets or the negative impacts of tax increases.

This is how a columnist for the Annapolis Capital put it:

“We could use a few more people like Victor Bernson in public office … because Bernson is often the only one saying, ‘The emperor has no clothes,’ the only one willing to challenge orthodoxy – in short, the only one who will say ‘no.’”

Exactly what we need in a General Assembly passing unsustainable budgets and taxing the state into ruin.

Vic Bernson is not a career politician. He is definitely not a RINO. He is a Reagan conservative who will be a tireless advocate for freedom and prosperity. He is exactly what we desperately need in the House of Delegates and it is why we at RedMaryland endorse and support Vic Bernson for Delegate in District 33A.

It is now up to us in the conservative community to get excellent candidates like Vic Bernson elected.

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