To Those Questioning Our Consistency

Prevaricators and dimwits are criticizing our endorsement of Bob Ehrlich as a betrayal of our conservative principles. We laugh at that charge of hypocrisy.

We would remind our critics that no less a conservative than William F. Buckley Jr. (the dimwits will have to Google him) insisted that conservatives support the most conservative candidate electable. We agree with sage advice of that dictum from the godfather of American conservatism.

While we have our disagreements with Ehrlich, being conservatives we do not let the perfect become the enemy of the good. That folly is for progressives.

Conservatives should feel no inconsistency or incompatibility with their principles in supporting Bob Ehrlich. He is the most conservative electable candidate to defeat Martin O’Malley. Thus the impetus behind the accusations of hypocrisy are revealed. They are afraid, very afraid.

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As a final rejoinder to our critics on this matter, we paraphrase WFB:

We won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting you really believe what you just said.

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