Ted Patterson for Delegate, District 34B

Our latest endorsement is of somebody who does two things extremely well; articulates the conservative viewpoint as it relates to the size of government and the economy, as well we works passionately for the advancement of conservative ideals and Republican candidates. To that end, Red Maryland endorses Ted Patterson for Delegate in District 34B.

To take a look at the issues Ted is focusing on during his campaign, it becomes immediately clear that he “gets it.” The two main foci of the Patterson campaign are issues that are important to every Marylander and issues that are important to Cecil County. He understands that as a member of the House of Delegates, one needs to take the view that voters and issues are not just important to the residents of the state, but also to the people that send you to Annapolis in the first place. He supports repealing Martin O’Malley’s historic tax increases, and working to control the spending addiction of the Democratic Majority. Just as important, Ted also understands the importance of education and the issues facing Maryland’s teachers and students, working to return control to local school districts and removing the influence of bureaucrats and politicians in our school system.

Just as importantly as Ted’s commitment to conservative issues has been his commitment to Republican and Conservative causes. Few people walk the walk of working towards changing our state like Ted Patterson. His service to the party, to conservative causes, and to his local community is very rare to see in a local candidate, much less one as young as Ted: his local and state Farm Bureau, Board of the Cecil Land Trust, Cecil Land Use Alliance, member of the Cecil County Republican Central Committee, President of the Cecil County Young Republicans (and yes, my running mate in my campaign for State YR Chair last year). Rarely does a day go by without me receiving a phone call, message, or text from Ted asking for volunteers to help in Cecil County, and usually on behalf of the party or other candidates. Ted is one of the rare breed in politics that puts the cause ahead of personal ambition.

We need a Delegate like Ted Patterson who will fight for our citizens and for conservative causes in Annapolis. We encourage you to support Ted’s campaign at www.pattersonfordelegate.com.

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