Slick Spots

Martin O’Malley’s endorsement of union violence isn’t the only bad decision that’s coming back to bite him. After all, his pronouncements about oil washing up on Maryland’s shores sure looks stupid considering it was O’Malley who took over 20 percent of the state’s Oil Disaster Cleanup Fund to cover his excessive spending in other areas.

Of course, we have documented Martin O’Malley’s irresponsible budgeting for some time now. Maybe O’Malley doesn’t understand that you have contingency funds such as the Oil Disaster Cleanup Fund in case of a contingency such as the need to fund an Oil Disaster Cleanup, not to line the pockets of the union thugs and special interests who support his candidacy.

With Martin O’Malley in Annapolis, you get a Governor who never has your best interests at heart. It’s past time to put the adults back in charge in Annapolis. Just another reason Red Maryland backs Bob.


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