Purple Shirted Punks

By now, you might have heard of the absolutely abhorrent scene in Montgomery County where 500 SEIU protesters showed up on the lawn of a Bank of American lawyer and scared the hell out of the lawyer’s 14-year old son, who was home alone at the time……well, that is if you get your news from places that aren’t the Baltimore Sun or Washington Post, who seem to have punted on the story.

Nobody was charged with trespassing. Nobody was charged with inciting a riot. Nobody was charged with anything. Never mind the fact that every one of these protesters was on the lawyer’s property illegal. This apparently is perfectly acceptable behavior in Montgomery County.

Of course, this isn’t acceptable behavior anywhere in a free country, whether or not you’re doing it in support of the right or of the left. As Erick Erickson said:

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When it becomes fair game to attack and intimidate private citizens and their families to advance a public policy, we cross over from an orderly civil democracy to something decidedly third world.

And that’s what this is. Third-world thuggery from purple-shirted SEIU punks. It’s an embarrasment to the country that these people are taken seriously…..

…..oh, you think that the SEIU isn’t taken seriously? Because all you have to do is take a look at the White House employee roster or guest list to see that the SEIU is a big player in Barack Obama’s White House.

But I’m not even going to focus on that. Because the SEIU is more importantly a major in the Maryland Democratic Party as we have referenced before. A huge source of funding for the Democratic establishment. What Senator Mac Middleton referred to as “the hand that feeds you.”The people who bus rioters to Queen Anne’s County to protest Obamacare. An intergral part of the Thugocracy.

Of course what that means is that the Purple Menace is an integral part to the victory strategy of Martin O’Malley and Susan Turnbull’s Democratic Party. And there has been not a peep from either of the two regarding this embarrassing and crass display that occured right in their backyard.

In this case silence is acquiescence and acceptance of the SEIU’s antics and behavior. Therefore, I am demanding that Governor Martin O’Malley and Maryland Democratic Party Chairman Susan Turnbull condemn and repudiate the intimidation and violation of civil rights the SEIU brought forth upon this lawyer’s family. Anything short of all full condemnation and a full repudiation will tell me anyway that Martin O’Malley and Maryland Democrats are in support of thuggish violence against their opposition.

It’s time for honest Democrats to take a stand against this third-world way of participating in the process. But sadly, I do not for one second believe that Martin O’Malley or the Maryland Democratic Party has the guts to take such a principled stand.

Call Martin O’Malley and Susan Turnbull and let them know that Maryland will not stand for extremism:

Governor Martin O’Malley
Email: governor@gov.state.md.us
Phone: 410-974-3901; 1-800-811-8336

Matthew Gallagher, Governor’s Chief of Staff
Email: mgallagher@gov.state.md.us
Phone: 410-974-5258

Democratic Party Chair Susan Turnbull
Email: sturnbull@mddems.org
Phone: 410-269-8818; 301-858-8818

Democratic Party Executive Director Travis Tazelaar
Email: ttazelaar@mddems.org
Phone: 410-269-8818


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