Nattering Nabobs

It appears the Maryland Democratic Party, and the O’Malley campaign are searching for an oppo researcher. The job posting below doesn’t specify the exact “statewide campaign based in Baltimore,” but it’s a stretch to think that Barbara Mikulski believes she is in danger of missing out on her fifth coronation as United States Senator that she needs opposition research.

This strikes as odd. O’Malley and the Dems went negative early and it hasn’t worked—the race is a dead heat. And their solution is to double down on the negativity?

So much for running on O’Malley’s record!

Furthermore, that the Dems feel the need to hire an oppo researcher doesn’t reflect well on the performance of the tweens currently running the show at 33 West St. Way to earn your salaries kidos.

Nice to know all that corporate and labor union cash is well spent!

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Gotta love the Democrats strategy here: paint Bob Ehrlich as a lobbyist—even though they admit they have no proof Ehrlich lobbies—while simultaneously acting as the farm team for Annapolis and DC lobbying firms.

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