Michael Hough for Delegate, District 3B

In April, RedMaryland announced it would begin a series of endorsements for conservative candidates around the state.Greg Kline stated in his endorsement of Vic Bernson in 33A:

As Brian has written, the editors here at RedMaryland are making endorsements in contested Republican primaries throughout the state, in large part, to allow the conservatives who read our blog to direct their positive energies into supporting candidates. Specifically, we are seeking to promote candidates to the General Assembly who are not only conservative but have the ability and passion to lead the GOP caucus in a conservative direction and the tenacity to redirect our state from the disastrous liberal course in which we now find ourselves.

This means candidates with fresh enthusiasm and the will to resist the crucible that Annapolis can be for conservatives. It also means that districts which are safely Republican are not ignored or taken for granted but will receive particular focus to ensure that just the kind of conservative leaders I have described are serving these cornerstone districts in the General Assembly.

Based on those principles we continue our endorsements today by encouraging you to vote for Michael Hough for Delegate in District 3B.

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Michael Hough is the right candidate for the District and for the State. His solutions to the problems facing Maryland may not be news to anyone outside the state but they represent a sea change in the way business is conducted in Annapolis. His commitment to jobs and economic development by the proven means of lowering taxes and reducing the size and intrusiveness of government makes him a much superior choice to the incumbent Charles Jenkins (who is not the same as Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins).

While Mr. Jenkins talks a good game we find not only his current appointment troubling but his record as a Frederick County commissioner is decidedly problematic.

Mr. Jenkins has the distinction of being the only Republican delegate appointed by Governor O’Malley. When Delegate Rick Weldon resigned, sacrificing his integrity in the process, it was left to the Washington and Frederick County Republican Central Committees to select a replacement. The Frederick County delegation voted of Michael Hough. For reasons beyond the ken of mere mortals the Washington County delegation, and only a sliver of 3B is in Washington County, decided to deadlock the vote. This led to Mr. Jenkins’ appointment by Governor O’Malley to replace the rather malleable Mr. Weldon. (The whole sordid story can be found here.)

Beyond the circumstances of the appointment, Mr. Jenkins’ record of raising taxes (he voted to increase or create taxes on real property, the transfer of real property, and the sale of beverages), a spotty record on life issues, and his opposition to charter schools indicate he is out of step with District 3B, with the Republican party, and with Maryland. He should not be returned to Annapolis by the voters.

If Mr. Ehrlich is re-elected as governor this fall, Michael Hough will quickly become one of his most valuable allies in the General Assembly. If Mr. O’Malley is re-elected then he will have one less member in the go-along-get-along Republican caucus in Annapolis which has contributed so much to the marginalization of the Maryland GOP.

Michael Hough is the right man for District 3B and he is the right man for the Maryland GOP. We encourage you to vote for him September 14. It’s important.

We encourage you to volunteer and donate at his website and you can follow Michael’s campaign on Facebook.

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