Hartley ignores Legum’s shady side

Eric Hartley had a write-up in today’s Capital about District 30, including a few brief words about left wing darling Judd Legum. The way that Hartley presented Legum left out, shall we say, a few key details:

Judd Legum, a 31-year-old Democratic candidate for delegate, walks a narrow line as he makes his first run for office. Unlike the Republicans, he’s not running against the Democratic power structure. Legum is hoping to knock off Del. Ron George, the Republican incumbent, and see his fellow Democrats re-elected.

At the same time, Legum doesn’t want to be too closely associated with the old-line Democrats in the district, at least publicly.

“I think we could benefit from new energy and fresh thinking in the state legislature,” said Legum, an attorney who lives in downtown Annapolis. “I come from a different generation, have a different perspective on things.”

There are, as usual in things associated with Legum, a certain level of untruthiness to the things that he said, as we have documented at Red Maryland. One of the two most glaring of those things, of course is that Legum has “fresh thinking” that is going to shake up the state legislature, when Legum’s far-left ideology is the same old tried and true, tax and tax and tax, do as I say not as I do, statist politics that have brought Maryland to the bring of financial collapse.

The other, of course, is that fact that Legum isn’t fighting the establishment; he IS the establishment, considering that he has worked for ethically challenged establishment Democrats, that he is bought and paid for by Washington lobbyists and Clinton staffers, out of state Democratic interests, and of course might be receiving donations of questionable legality. It’s hard for Legum to fight the problems within the Democratic Party when he is part of the problem with the Democratic Party.

But the somehow, Hartley completely ignores Legum’s being the brains behind the deceitful and thuggish Center for American Progress, who just found themselves caught in another lie this week about the net neutrality legislation.

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Now my problem with Hartley’s story is not the fact that Hartley mentioned Legum in his story. It’s the fact that the mainstream media, most glaringly the Capital, has completely ignored this race and the skeletons in Judd Legum’s closet. The truth is out there; why won’t the Capital report it other than to protect just another establishment, out of touch Democrat running for office?

Of course, that’s why blogs like this one exist….not only do we provide a voice for Maryland’s middle and working class families, but we also work hard to keep frauds like Judd Legum from being elected to office.


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