An Invitation to Camp Astroturf

Remember the Democrats Rapid Response scheme they launched a few months ago? Ever want to find out some more about it? Now’s your chance!

I want to specially invite you to our Upper/Mid Shore Regional Rapid
Response Training that will take place next Saturday (June 5) at 12:00
PM. It will be held at the Chestertown Library (408 High Street in
Chestertown 21620). This is our second regional training in Maryland,
and should last until 2 PM. Refreshments will be provided.

Maryland Rapid Response is an important statewide initiative that will
empower Democrats around the state to quickly react to items in the
media and events on the ground that are important to the President,
Governor and Maryland Democrats. This landmark program will help ensure
Democratic victory in November.

At this training a variety of topics will be covered including social
media, how to write effective LTEs, blogging and new media, and winning
the battle on the air through radio and television. We have outstanding
presenters from the Maryland Democratic Party, Organizing for America,
and Maryland Grassroots Response.

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I hope you can join me.

Our job over the next few months could not be more important. We have a
real race on our hands. We have to keep working hard to guarantee
victory on Election Day.

Let me know if I’ll see you next Saturday. Training is open to any
interested Democrat so feel free to invite your friends and family.

Thank you for all your passion and hard work so far. Our success will be
determined by you.


Matt Verghese
Maryland Rapid Response

One can only imagine the type of blathering points and paeans to Barack Obama and Martin O’Malley will be discussed during this assemblage of party stooges “grassroots activists.”

Would be fascinating if a Republican happened to make their way into the proceedings and report back though, no?

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