Walk you Lazy, Hypocritical Bum

Buried in this story about the fire at O’Brien’s last night that impacted Governor O’Malley and members of the General Assembly in attendance was this:

The governor’s security noticed the smell and quickly escorted O’Malley to his black SUV.

The Governor’s SUV transported the Governor from the Governor’s Mansion to O’Brien’s? O’Brien’s is a three minute walk (at most) from the Governor’s Mansion.

Three minutes.

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This from the Governor who is pushing a radical environmental agenda and is pushing average citizens to use public transportation for most of their commuting needs.

It’s very hard to take this Governor seriously in his talk about public transit, the environment, and conserving our natural resources seriously when the lazy bum can’t even hoof it from his front door to a bar three minutes away.

Seriously Governor O’Malley; maybe you want to try to lead by example before lecturing Maryland’s middle and working class families about our use of fossil fuels.

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