The Beat Goes On- More Crazy Lawsuits Clog Our System

Todd Lamb
Maryland Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse

Recently, three lawsuits made news representing the continued problem that too many people have of viewing our legal system as a potential lottery game. Consider the following:

A Virginia man is suing PetSmart for $1 million after stepping in dog feces at the store, claiming that he slipped and injured his back and knocked out four of his front teeth as a result of it.

And while we’re on the topic of dogs, a Kansas City Royal fan is seeking over $25,000 for a black eye caused by a hotdog that was flung into the stands by the team’s mascot during a game. The injured man claimed that the hotdog caused a detached retina, several cataracts and caused him to undergo multiple surgeries. We can only imagine the catastrophic damage a real baseball might have done.

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Most recently, an Arkansas teen is suing his mom after learning that she had accessed his Facebook account and changed his password after reading something that bothered her. According to the 16 year old, the harassment charge is being filed against his mother for ‘damaging’ his reputation after posting a few things on it herself. The teen should have thought twice before posting about his 95 mph trip home from his girlfriend’s house earlier that week. What ever happened to a good old fashioned temper tantrum?

The constant barrage of personal attorney ads on television from lawyers begging the viewer to call an 800 number if they “feel” they have been injured has led too many (young and old) to see our legal system as a potential cash machine. The examples should be laughed at, and they make national news for that reason. Consider for a moment the cost in time and expenses with these junk lawsuits- and it is no laughing matter.

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