Starting Tomorrow: The Red Maryland Endorsements

Many of you here are also readers over at Red State, which of course is a direct ancestor of our little site over here. One of the proud traditions over at Red State is that the Editors will make endorsements in contested Republican primaries to work to ensure the election of candidates that are best suited to represent conservative interests, usually as members of Congress in Washington.

Starting tomorrow, the Editors of Red Maryland will also begin rolling out endorsements of Republican candidates in Republican primaries.

Our endorsements will be candidates who are unanimously endorsed by the Editors; no split decisions on these endorsements. We will articulate why we support those candidates. And we will encourage you to act to help these candidates succeed in the primary election on September 14th.

The candidates we pick are the candidates we want to help move Maryland forward.

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Not everybody is going to agree with our picks. Be we are going to help conservative candidates win…and that means some legislators in Annapolis are not going to be getting free passes from us.

So, keep your eyes peeled. Because the first endorsement will be announced at 6:00 PM tomorrow…..

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