Ron Smith Fans Get-Together Alert

What is SlowFood up to in Baltimore? Join the Ron Smith Fans on Friday Apr 30 at 6:00pm.

What: SlowFood is a grassroots movement with thousands of members around the world that links the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment. Ron Smith Show Fans can learn more about this issue that transcends conservatism/liberalism and focuses on family.

Liz Stambaugh is the new president of the revitalized SlowFood Baltimore Convivium. Hear what the group is up to. We also can discuss the Food Safety Modernization Act making its way through Congress and its potential impact on local small farmers.

When: Friday, April 30 at 6:00pm.

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Where: HighTopps Backstage Grille in Timonium at 2306 York Road just north of the Maryland State Fairgrounds. Parking is available directly across York Rd. in front of the restaurant. We will meet in the terrace room (on the right just after the hostess station by the main entrance).

Who: Any interested citizen is welcome.

RSVP: email

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