In$urance Follie$

Maryland’s Legislative Democrats continue to wage war on the working poor on behalf of their trial lawyer benefactors in Annapolis, as the bill to raise minimum insurance premiums continues to work its way through the legislative process.

Lobbyist Minor Carter pretty much said the most relevant and succinct thing about this bill: “It’s a tax upon the poor people of our state.” Mainly because the customers most likely to be impacted by the bill are the drivers who are on MAIF, the state’s insurerer of last resort:

The Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund, the state’s provider of auto coverage for high-risk motorists who can’t obtain it on the open market, said 98.6 percent of its customers would absorb the increase. According to MAIF, which opposes the bill, the change would require rate increases between 6.1 percent and 9.3 percent.

And it’s being brought to you by Maryland’s Democrats.

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As we said before, this is all part of the O’Malley Administration’s Christmas in April trial lawyer handout program, or as Senator EJ Pipkin called it “the Trial Lawyers Relief Act of 2010.” It is completely inexcusable that these Democrats (and the nine Republicans in the House who voted for this bill) are trying to stick it to Maryland’s working poor in this manner, and to benefit nobody by the trial lawyers lobby.

It’s a shame, but entirely unsurprising, that Maryland’s Democrats want to screw the poor in such an unscrupulous way…


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