Bob Ehrlich for Governor

Since Red Maryland’s founding in 2007, the writers and editors here have been extremely critical of the direction of policy and priorities here at the state level. Most of the responsibility for those misguided policies begins at the top, thanks the ineffective leadership of Governor Martin O’Malley. Obviously, we think that four years is enough of O’Malley’s reckless leadership.

This year, Maryland has a choice, and we as Republicans have a responsibility to elect a Governor who is ready to lead Maryland. That is why Red Maryland endorses Bob Ehrlich for Governor.

During his first four year term as Governor, Bob Ehrlich was able to prevent many policies that later came to fruition during the O’Malley Administration. There were no income tax hikes. There were no sales tax hikes. And if there was one thing that Bob Ehrlich did was leave the state with a surplus that exceeded $1 billion; a surplus that Martin O’Malley quickly squandered. With Bob Ehrlich as Governor (along with more good, fiscally responsible members of the General Assembly) we know that additional new taxes will be thwarted

Maryland right now is suffering a crisis, and that crisis is from a lack of leadership. Martin O’Malley and his cohorts down in Annapolis continue to spend, then tax, then spend and tax some more. Is is any wonder that companies like Northrop Grumman refuse to give Maryland a serous chance to compete for their business when Maryland is saddled with the worst Governor in America? Bob Ehrlich has lead Maryland through crises before, having steered the ship of state through the Blizzard of 2003 and the aftermath of Hurricane Isabel. And Bob Ehrlich makes the tough decisions, including decisions that are both not necessarily ones that are popular or ones that we always agree with. But no matter how you slice it, Bob Ehrlich will be ready to lead on day one.

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Governor Ehrlich does have a primary challenger in this race. Brian Murphy is an impressive guy who could have a future in leading our state. He would make a great candidate for Comptroller. But he is in the wrong race at the wrong time.

The Editors here at Red Maryland encourage you to do your part to support Governor Ehrlich. Visit his campaign site at to learn more.

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