ACTION ALERT: Jessica’s Law Enhancement in Trouble

Time to light up the switch board.

The Jessica’s Law enhancement is in trouble. Brian Frosh and Joe Vallario are playing games with the length of sentences in order to run out the clock on the session and kill the bill.

Vallario won’t accept the Senate version (SB622) with 20-mandatory sentence for child predators. The House version (HB 254) of the bill sets the penalty at 15 years.

Frosh, who called Jessica’s Law a “bumper sticker bill,” now refuses to allow his committee to amend SB622 to 15 years to match the House version.

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Frosh and Vallario always opposed long mandatory minimum sentences for child predators. They never wanted the measure to get his far. Remember what they did to try and kill Jessica’s Law back in 2007!

Right now folks it’s 15 years or nothing. The General Assembly session ends Monday night and Frosh and Vallario have called the four corners offense.

Call the members of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee (contact info at the link) and demand they amend SB 622 to match HB 254. Call Frosh’s office at (410) 841-3124 or (301) 858-3124.

Time is running out…

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