A Piece for me, but not for thee

Buried in the story about Baltimore City Council President Jack Young’s dwelling status (itself, of course, somewhat scandalous given the fact the guy is not living where he says he lives) is this gem:

Young said he uses Madison Street as his official residence to protect his family, claiming that neighborhood drug dealers had threatened him a few years ago. Then he flashed something even more startling than presidential skivvies: concealed-weapon permits. Young said he doesn’t carry a gun but that he got permission to do so after dealers warned him to “watch your back.”

“I want to keep people off balance,” he said. “I’m afraid, like everybody else.”

Yup. Another elected Democrat who has the right to carry a concealed weapon….even though, under Maryland law, you and I can’t legally carry a weapon without going through an onerous and intrusive permitting process.

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I don’t begrudge Jack Young the fact that he can legally carry a weapon; I begrudge the fact that he is not trying to make the streets safer by allowing the common man to carry one, particularly on streets as dangerous as Baltimore’s.


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