The Two Ben Cardins

Someone in the Democratic Party needs to tell Ben Cardin to curb his enthusiasm. In his elation over passage of Obamacare, he is losing message discipline and letting the cat out of the bag.

Cardin ebulliently tweeted “One of the first bills I introduced in the Senate was 4 universal health coverage. I’m proud we are finally reaching that goal.”

Say what? For over a year now Cardin, President Obama, and the Democrats all told us this wasn’t a government takeover of healthcare.

On two separate occasions Cardin stated Democrat healthcare reform plans were not a government takeover of healthcare.

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When asked why not support a single payer system: “We have the best health care in the world and I want to ensure we keep it.”
Of course, Obama is on record as an ardent proponent of a single payer system, but then again as Obama’s political lodestar Saul Alinsky once said, “In the politics of human life, consistency is not a virtue.”
Looks like the junior senator from Maryland is an apt pupil.

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