Ten Questions: Eric Wargotz

Name: Eric Wargotz, MD
Office Sought: U.S. Senator
Hometown: Queenstown
Website: http://www.wargotzforussenate.com

1. Recently you commented on your belief that Barack Obama was not born in the United States. What led you to this conclusion.
The President’s place of birth was put into question and was not satisfactorily answered to a legal certainty. However, since the President was born to a US citizen then according to US Supreme Court Jurisprudence, he is Constitutionally qualified to be President.

2. Barbara Mikulski has been in the Senate for twenty-four years. What are your biggest criticisms of her job performance?
Sen. Mikulski:

1. voted for the new health care mandate,
2. voted for the so-called Stimulus package
3. prefers to appease terrorists
4. has not been responsible in her approach to the Chesapeake Bay

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I do not support the new healthcare mandate because:

  • it is unconstitutional
  • it will not accomplish it’s stated goal of reducing health care costs
  • it allows for federal funding of abortions
  • it does not include meaningful tort and judicial reform
  • it provides antitrust protection for insurance industry
  • it does not allow for sale across State lines
  • it does not not adequately address the medical provider manpower shortage.

The so-called Stimulus package has been a failure, particularly in Maryland. Tax relief is the single most important measure needed to stimulate the economy.

We must not appease terrorists. I condemn the notion of civilian trials for terrorists.

The incumbent has brought millions (nearly a billion dollars) of Federal dollars to Maryland for Chesapeake Bay clean-up but 33 years after she first entered the halls of Congress, the Bay is in worse shape.

3. As a physician, you have a unique perspective on health care; how would you improve it?
As a physician, I support the need for common sense reforms to our Health Care system. There are many modifications that can be made to current programs that will drive down costs and greatly improve care. Since this issue affects us all, Health Care reform needs to be done correctly, not quickly.Real, meaningful Health Care reform should have three goals – lower costs; improve patient care; and reduce waiting times for critical care. To accomplish those three goals reform must:

  1. Not allow the government or insurance companies to get between you and your doctor.
  2. Discourage frivolous med-malpractice lawsuits with Tort and judicial reform capping non-economic damages reducing defensive medical practices cutting waste, abuse & fraud.
  3. Allow the sale of insurance across State lines.
  4. Provide for Tax-free health savings accounts and portability.
  5. Improve the health insurance system: reduce out-of-pocket expenses. Fair provider reimbursement. Remove Antitrust protection for insurance industry.
  6. Maintain Medicare, and expand Medicaid to cover those legitimately unable to cover their own costs of care.
  7. Ensure fair, uniform medication pricing by the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Health Care makes up nearly 18% of our Gross Domestic Product. The wrong reform passed into law will have devastating results for our economy and more importantly, a bad effect on all of us including children and seniors.

4. You have been serving as a Queen Anne’s County Commissioner; what do you think was your most significant accomplishment from your time on the Commission?
I have been able to forge a successful partnership with my fellow Commissioners (all are Democrats) and work together for the benefit of the County. This has been accomplished without compromising my principles but instead through honest discourse and a mutual desire to find common-sense real solutions to challenging problems.

5. Of all the issues facing our country, what would your priorities be as a U.S. Senator?
Repeal the Health Care Law (mandate), Revise it to include real reform as stated in #3 above, and Rejoice at it’s passage!

6. Do you support a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution?

7. What is your position on cap and trade?
I would vote against it – vote “No.”

8. Many Republicans are concerned about the bloated size of the federal government; what government programs or agencies (if any) would you cut, reduce, or eliminate?
A good start would be the U.S. Depart. of education which has a budget of $68.6 billion (according to the Dept. of Ed website). Each State has their own mandate to provide for public education. There is little need if any for a “national” Dept. of Ed.

9. How will are you using social networking during your campaign, and if you win would you continue to use social networking to be accessible to your constituents?
The campaign, and myself personally extensively use social networking to promote the campaign and my candidacy. Social networking and media have become an indispensable component of communication in our times and we will continue to use it in Office.

10. If you had a choice of any Republican to be the nominee of our party for President in 2012, who would it be?
Too early to say.

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