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Legum’s New… Low

Add the Maryland Democratic Party to the liar list. Way to earn all that corporate funding kids!

Now we can add lying to Judd Legum’s (D Soros) resume of political skullduggery and gutlessness.

Legum tweeted that a leaked RNC document “reveals what Steele thinks of Ehrlich’s chances. O’Malley not on list of 16 top Gov targets.”
However, the Politico piece, which broke the leaked RNC document, reported that Steele had not seen the document. So how could Legum know what “Steele thinks” of Ehrlich’s chances?

Unless Legum possesses some preternatural power of divination allowing him to read Steele’s thoughts, Legum’s lying through his tweets.
Oh well that’s what we should come to expect from Soros funded political thugs.

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