Farewell to a Friend

It was with great sadness that I heard today that conservative activist and blogger Mike Netherland passed away suddenly. Mike was a leader in the conservative community in Anne Arundel County and pioneered the local Elephant Club’s Public Square email forum long before the word blogosphere existed.

Mike’s own blog, Mike’s Nether Land, emobodied his no holds barred conservatism and wonderfully unique view of the world. Mike even briefly blogged about his experiences as a MARC train commuter, a cirumstance that clearly consumed too much of his time.

While Mike had his disagreements with me and a number of my RedMaryland colleagues, he was a loyal friend and true believer in the conservative cause. I can fondly remember him supporting conservative candidates (including myself) and causes without first considering what others were doing.

But, of course, Mike was much more than this. He was a loving father, husband, brother and son. We pray for his family and friends who are mourning and we share their loss.

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