Tripping Over the “low bar for respectability”

My colleague and resident raconteur Brian Griffiths pointed out Baltimore Sun political reporter/blogger Paul West’s not too subtle shot at him and Red Maryland over the Mikulski retirement rumor.

The genesis of West’s shot at Brian and Red Maryland most likely stems from this post, where, in addition to calling him out for shoddy biased reporting on Obama’s stimulus. I also had a little photoshop fun with him. I didn’t know he had such delicate sensibilities. Man up Paul. You are a blogger now aren’t you?

By the way Paul, would it have killed you to report that we noted Chris Cillizza’s tweet that the Mikulski rumors were not true? Or that Brian clearly labeled the report as a rumor, and we clearly tweeted it as…a rumor.

Please Paul, do tell us more about the “low bar for respectability”. Try not to trip over it while you’re at it.

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