The Selfbeclowning of Bill Frick

Delegate Bill Frick may have become the first Delegate to beclown himself in 140 characters or less. Check out this tweet from Frick:

In a tax bill hearing. Lectured at by a 22 year old from Americans 4 Prosperity about freedom and how business works. This is my life.

Apparently, Delegate Frick isn’t a fan of, you know, public participation in the Legislative Process. Apparently it is a tremendous strain on Frick’s life to listen to testimony from somebody who probably understands more than Frick how free markets work and how to pull Maryland out of our economic doldrums. Then again if you read into his condascending tone, I suppose Bill Frick doesn’t think 22-year olds should participate in the political process except to be quiet and knock on doors.

Of course, Delegate Frick, if your life is so difficult and you are so inconvenienced by public testimony, you could always hit the bricks, go back to Montgomery County, and let one of the thousands of unemployed Marylanders take your $43,500 a year seat in your place…

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