The Corporate Democrats of Maryland

Dear Maryland Democrats,

Your party chairwoman, Susan Turnbull, owes you an apology.

Mrs. Turnbull was extremely dishonest with you when she decried the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. FEC on the official Maryland Democratic Party blog.

While denouncing “the same corporations and special interests that brought us the Swift Boat attacks,” and the wide open door “to limitless influence by corporations in our political system,” she failed to mention that nearly the entire Maryland Democratic Party’s administrative funds (83%) come from business entities i.e., those corporate special interests.

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Funds from these corporate interests go to pay for things like your party’s website, which Mrs. Turnbull and her apparatchiks use to excoriate those same interests that fund your party, attack your national party’s healthcare reform plans, attack one of your own party’s gubernatorial candidates, attack candidates who aren’t even candidates, and for paid party employees, who unscrupulously hurl accusations of racism against those with whom they disagree.

I have no doubt, you the Democrat rank and file, has no problem paying for those activities yourselves. However, given all your party’s rending of clothes and gnashing of teeth over the Citizens United ruling I’m sure you do not approve of the CORPORATE FUNDING of those activities.

Given your fiercely resolute opposition to corporate influence in our politics, I recommend you contact Mrs. Turnbull and urge her to return those contributions your party has taken from the poisoned corporate well.

I also urge you to ask your party’s standard bearer, Governor O’Malley, to return the $2.3 million in corporate campaign contributions he’s received. In particular, you should urge the governor to return the $11,000 from Gannet Fleming Inc. Gannet Fleming is a Pennsylvania-based green construction firm and financial benefactor of the Center for Climate Strategies, the global warming alarmist advocacy group to which the governor outsourced state climate policy that produced policy recommendations favorable to Gannet Fleming’s business interests.

My Democrat friends, perhaps you are also unaware that your party accepted $30,000 in contributions over the last three years from Rifkin, Livingston, Levitan & Silver, the top ranked corporate lobbyist in Annapolis. Then again, maybe you did since your party’s former Executive Director, and O’Malley campaign manager, Josh White lobbies for RLL&S. There is also, of course, the $33,000 in contributions you party accepted from the number two lobbying firm Alexander & Cleaver.

Again, I admonish you to contact Mrs. Turnbull because we know you want to ensure that the party does not give the appearance of being a stooge for corporate interests.

After all it’s in your interest to not let the cat out of the bag that the Democratic Party is the real fat cat party.

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