O’Malley Campaign Contributor got $8.4 Million in State Contracts

According to the state campaign finance database, Pennsylvania-based Gannett-Fleming Inc.—through corporate, PAC, and individual donations from company officers—contributed over $20,000 to Martin O’Malley since 2005. In return for that investment, O’Malley has awarded Gannett Fleming with $8.4 million in state contracts over the last two years, records from the Maryland Funding, Accountability and Transparency website show.

No wonder O’Malley dragged his heels implementing the law mandating the site.

Let me remind you once again that Gannett Fleming is a financial benefactor of the Center for Climate Strategies, the global warming alarmist advocacy group to which the governor outsourced state climate policy that produced policy recommendations favorable to Gannet Fleming’s business interests.

It’s nice to know that despite all of O’Malley “tough decisions” on budget cuts, he still found room to lavishly reward a campaign contributor with taxpayer money.

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For the record, Gannett Fleming gave disgraced former Baltimore Mayor, Sheila Dixon over $8,700.

Once again, it pays to be a part of the Corporate Democrats of Maryland.

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