Keith Olbermann Uses MDDems Tea Partiers are Racist Meme

Keith Olbermann is taking his cues from the Maryland Democratic Party.

On the increasingly less watched Countdown Wednesday night, Olbermann asked “Where are the people of color at the Tea parties?”

Interestingly enough none other than Isaac Salazar, New Media Director of the Maryland Democratic Party tossed this very same tea partiers are racist meme at the Annapolis Tea Party protesters back in January.

Like Olbermann, Salazar was blissfully unaware that there were indeed people of color at the rally. Indeed one such person, Charles Lollar, running for Congress in Maryland’s 5th district was a featured speaker. Friend of Red Maryland, and challenger to Mike Miller–Ron Miller–with whom I spoke at length attended the rally. Corrigan R. Vaughn running for Senate was there as well.

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Thus the left’s absurd notion of “diversity” is exposed. Everyone must look like America and think exactly like them. And those people of color, who don’t espouse doctrinaire principles…well we’ve seen those ugly attacks before, just four years ago.

Salazar is merely reprising the ugly tactics his employer used against Michael Steele during the 2006 senatorial campaign. It was Maryland Democrats who said party trumps race in defending their execrable racial attacks against Steele.

Talk about worst person in the world.

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