Hey Maryland Democrats: Come Get Some

The apparatchiks of the Maryland Democratic Party are initiating a “Media Monitoring & Rapid Response Program

According to an internal email and Power Point file “obtained” (read handed to) by Maryland Politics Watch, the Dems built a team of volunteers throughout the state to monitor all manner of media outlets and “respond” if necessary.

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The MDP [Maryland Democratic Party] Communications Staff will – in collaboration with other Democratic representatives – identify needs for a media response or will proactively amplify our message as it pertains to the “news of the day” by activating one or more of following teams:

LTE (letters to the editor) Teams
Radio Call-in and TV Monitoring and Response Teams
Online Publication Comment Posting Teams
Electronic Media and Blog response Teams

MDP Communications Staff will send relevant policy information and talking points to Regional/County Leaders – who will, in turn, relay that information to our media Teams. Team members will use the information to perform their assigned task, and report any progress and action to their County Leader who will relay that information to MDP Communications Staff.Rapid response volunteers will constantly monitor their assigned form of media.

Upon the discovery of an article, blog, online publication comment(s) or radio segment that they (the team member ) believe requires a response, will immediately send an email to their County Leader who will in turn, relay the information to MDP Communications Staff.

From that point, after consultation with all appropriate parties, the MDP Communications Staff will determine whether to gather talking points and data for a response to be generated. If a response is needed, then the process mentioned above (“From Annapolis to the ground”) will begin.

Glad to know Maryland Democrats are pouring all the corporate money they receive into playing Big Brother. I’m sure top two state lobbying firms Rifkin, Livingston, Levitan & Silver and Alexander & Cleaver are glad the $63,000 they gave will go to salving bruised Democrat sensibilities over that fact that someone dared disagree with them. We are at least sure that the Dem’s former Executive Director, Josh White (MD4Bush’s old boss) turned RLL&S lobbyist probably didn’t mind this foray into the lives of others.

While on it’s face this Democratic political police force may look like an improvement over their old bologna sandwich, note that it’s staffed by their Social Media Director, the laughable Isaac Salazar.

In his short stint, Salazar has managed to beclown himself on health care issues, slandered the Annapolis tea party protesters as racists, all the while patting himself on the back for his petulance.

While we are not proponents of the infinite monkey theorem, the Democrats would be better served this elections season by bringing in a million monkeys banging away on typewriters.

So, on behalf of all of us at Red Maryland: COME GET SOME!

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