Go West

Paul West of the Sun took a not-so-thinly veiled shot at me for my reporting of the Barbara Mikulski rumor from Monday:

On Monday, shortly after Bayh surprised Democrats by announcing that he was quitting, an obscure right-wing blogger posted a report that Mikulski, too, would be announcing in the next few days that she will step down. The groundless report was picked up by other blogs–including some that clear the very low bar for respectability in this realm–without bothering to check its validity.

Now….go back to my post. I mention in very large letters that 1) this was a rumor, 2) that it was the first that I had heard of it and, 3) that I wouldn’t at all take it to the bank. How many times do I have to label something as a rumor before people understand that.

Regarding West’s assertion that RedMaryland clears “the very low bar for respectability in this realm”, I will concede the point to West as a subject matter expert given the fact that the Sun fails to clear the very low bar for respectability in the realm of reporting quite often…

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