Frederick County School Board Failure

Now it is getting ridiculous!!

Despite the fact that almost no snow has fallen on Frederick County in nearly a week (six days today) aside from a dusting that fell yesterday, Frederick County schools are closed again tomorrow. That makes 11 days missed because of snow.

Now if the problem is that some roads have been plowed, then why in the heck did the county have big tractor snow blowers and snow plows clearing snow off the side of a road that was not only passable but had been clear enough for days. The priorities are clearly skewed.

If the problem is that some kids who have to walk to school have no sidewalks (not the problem in my neighborhood) then why isn’t the county addressing that problem? For parents out there who complain about sidewalks and their walking kids, sorry, get up off you butt and drive your kids to school or make arrangements to have a neighbor drive them. If you boss is that inflexible that being late would be a problem, how has that boss been since you haven’t been at work for over a week?

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This is an educational and decision making disaster of monumental proportions and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

For sure now, the Frederick County schools will be given a waiver to not hold a 180 day school year because that would cut into summer vacation and extend teaching days for the union without their consent. Sorry, the School Board’s priority has to be education, not wondering what to do about extending into summer vacations and/or the union contract.

The School Board and Board of County Commissioners has failed in managing this task–miserably.

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