An Elected Maryland Democrat Fundraising During Session?

Is Democrat Delegate Heather Mizeur illegally soliciting campaign contributions during the legislative session?

Maryland election law states:

Contributions may not be solicited, accepted, or deposited by the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Comptroller, a member of the General Assembly, or a person acting on behalf of any of these individuals, during the Legislative Session, which begins on the second Wednesday in January of each year and continues for 90 days.

If you look at Mizeur’s ActBlue page it appears she is currently soliciting donations.

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If you click the “Contribute” button is takes you to a contribution page where you can fill out the information to make a campaign donation to Mizeur.

Just to be sure I clicked on the link to her District 20 colleague, Tom Hucker, and you get a message saying “Contributions not currently accepted via ActBlue.”

The same message comes up rest of the elected Democrats on the ActBlue directory for the House of Delegates.

While we applauded Delegate Mizeur’s efforts on behalf government transparency, she still needs to play by the rules.

We find it quite cheeky that Maryland’s corporately funded Democratic Party is busy manufacturing outrage over Andy Harris’ chief of staff legal fund raising while one of their own elected officials is illegally soliciting campaign contributions during the legislative session.
As we like to say here at Red Maryland Turnbullshit happens.

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