When You’re Losing an Argument…

The Maryland Democratic Party attended the March on Annapolis Wednesday night handing out fliers attacking Bob Ehrlich—even though he isn’t running for anything. Susan Turnbull’s back must be sore from patting herself on it so hard for that idea.

However, as they are wont to do the Democrats couldn’t help but take cheap shots at the protestors. I spotted the Democratic Party’s new media director, Isaac Salazar, snapping picture of the protest. He tweeted a photo with the usual “teabagger” pejorative, which is odd given that the current Democratic president’s own body man literally is a teabagger. But I digress.

I tweeted that he left the rally too soon. He snarkily asked if I was stalking him, and I pointed out that his beard was a dead giveaway. Then—and this is where it gets important—he tweeted back “makes sense I didn’t see too many people that looked like me 😉

Get it. I’m not really saying it but really, like Janeane Garofalo says you’re all a bunch of tebagging racists—wink wink nod nod. Isaac later tried a nonsequitur defense that there were no Latino/Middle Eastern folks in the crowd. First how would he know, was he profiling? Second that’s beside the point. His clear implication is that the crowd was all White. Of course he must have missed Charles Lollar’s—who is distinctly not White—fiery speech.

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Anyone with eyes to see can spot the thinly veiled accusation of racism. After all Isaac is merely aping the oft repeated talking point of his party.

To be sure this isn’t Daniel Schorr reporting for CBS Evening News that Barry Goldwater linked up with Nazi elements in Hitler’s old stomping grounds after winning the 1964 GOP presidential nomination, or Media Matters spreading the false Rush Limbaugh slavery quotes. However, it does speak to a very salient fact that too many liberals are willing to believe the worst about those with whom they disagree, and unfairly tar them as racists.

Isaac’s comment also illustrates the central conceit of liberalisms conception of diversity: “every institution should look like America but think exactly alike.” And anyone who doesn’t think like them? Well just ask Michael Steele, Clarence Thomas, or Condoleezza Rice.

It’s a shame Isaac didn’t stick around and listen to the ideas and arguments made by the rally speakers, he might have learned something. Though I suspect the notions of free markets and limited government would vex young master Salazar much like my dog is vexed when I feed him a vegetable.

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