We Need Transparency From O’Malley As Well

Len Lazarick has a good write up on the transparency effort underway in the General Assembly and the speed bumps in the way.

I’d like to add that the campaign for transparency needs to extend to the executive branch.

While the legislature passed and Governor O’Malley signed The State Funding Accountability Act last year, the administration is refusing to implement the law.

StateStat is not the vaunted accountability tool it is made out to be, nor is O’Malley’s much lauded stimulus tracking program, which can’t tell you how a $2,900 grant saved seven jobs or why a Silver Spring firm reported 10 jobs saved with stimulus money it had not received for project it had yet to initiate.

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This resistance to transparency also extends into the rest of the executive, especially the Maryland Department of the Environment. When O’Malley outsourced state global warming to an alarmist advocacy group—funded by radical environmentalists—MDE didn’t think concerned citizens had a right to know about it.

When I asked MDE for information about which special interests are writing Maryland’s cap and trade regulations, they weren’t too keen on releasing that information either.

Transparency should extend to all levels of government and it’s time for the O’Malley administration to match deeds to rhetoric.

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