UnHappy New Year for Maryland Democrats

The first week of 2010 has not been kind to Maryland Democrats.

First, Investigative Voice reported on the huge whiff that was the Democrats politically motivated witch hunt against former Governor Ehrlich. At the time, Senator Brian Frosh said the Ehrlich administration actions were “illegal” and a “misuse of executive authority.” Yet after four years the committee could not find a single instance of illegality all the while wasting millions of dollars in taxpayer money.

Next, Democratic mayor of Baltimore copped an Alford plea to a laundry list of crimes and will resign from office in disgrace. There is a silver lining for Governor O’Malley though, as the transition of power puts his crack Internet spy as the chief spokesman for the new mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

Furthermore we still don’t know what the FBI will find at the bottom of Ulysses Currie’s rabbit hole.

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Perhaps all these travails are the impetus behind Governor O’Malley’s infantile fund raising letter lamely attempting to connect Ehrlich with the “birther” movement, and party chair, Susan Turnbull attacking one of her own party’s gubernatorial candidates.

The MDDems Twitter drone warned me that they are going to “bring it” if Ehrlich decides to run in 2010. Given their recent woes, and the complete fiscal incompetence of the O’Malley administration, one is left to wonder what is there to “bring?”

…It certainly won’t be that rollback of the BGE rate increases

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