The Giant Has Been Roused

A reported one to two thousand tea party protestors packed Lawyers Mall Wednesday night. People from all over the state descended on the state house to tell Governor O’Malley and the Democratic majority: enough is enough.

The march, organized by AFP Maryland, the Institute for Liberty and others to protest O’Malley’s fiscal mismanagement of state finances, his reckless spending, and expansion of government.

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At the height of the event, Lawyers Mall was packed end to end with protestors–from the Legislative Services Building to Government House and from the College Ave. to State Circle.

To our rulers: You would do well to to recognize the the gathering storm that awaits you. The rally in Annapolis Wednesday is but a taste of what is to come in next year.

To our friends and allies: I will remind you of my colleague Brian Griffith’s exhortation that it’s not merely enough to protest. We must roll up our sleeves and do the grunt work of supporting candidates who will fight for our values in Annapolis. The path is steep but we can scale the mountain.

Here is a quick video I shot from the rally

A panorama of the rally on Lawyers Mall from the side of the stage.

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