The Fight Continues…

A brief note on the meaning of last night’s victory from my intellectual
, and why now is no time to let up.

There will always be lots of people who view (I would say “misunderstand”) the role of government to be a centralizing source of love, meaning, and wish-fulfillment, and there will always be people who see government as a necessary evil. Sometimes — often — these views will coexist in us at the same time. Even more often, we will alternate between these views, as will the country. That means that conservatives will never completely win, but it also means they will never completely lose either. Rather, it is an eternal fight, with many victories ahead and many defeats. The trick is to have more victories and have them be more lasting than your defeats. For conservatives, who do not believe in earthbound utopias or in the possibility of a real “New Politics” more than once every, say, 50 or 500 years, this should be good news or at least easier to take than it is for progressives who constantly want to turn the page, create new eras, kill old ideologies, etc.

The fight goes on. And, I think, it’s a good fight.

This is all a highfalutin way of saying that last night’s staggering
victory was awesome, but it ain’t the end of anything. It’s just another beginning — because it’s beginnings as far as the eye can see, until the star falls into the sea.

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Anyone who witnessed the Twitter tantrums of the MDems’ drones reacting to the Brown victory last night should understand the steep hill and hard work that lies ahead in wresting control of the state from an entrenched, out of touch, and downright arrogant Democratic oligarchy.

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