Silly Progressive, Tax Cuts Are NOT Wealth Transfers to the Rich

I eagerly listened to the podcast of Center Maryland’s appearance with Marc Steiner on WEAA to see if Steiner would press them on their true nature. Unfortunately Steiner did not and his silence on the matter, especially when the issue of transparency came up, confirmed what I thought about him—Steiner likey their corporatism.

Even though I was shut out on that front, another guest, Matthew Weinstein of Progressive Maryland offered this gem of a comment in the context of tax cuts.

“The money is at the top in the American economy. We’ve seen the huge transfer of wealth under these conservative Republican policies since Reagan came in in 1980.”

Really tax cuts are transfers of wealth to the rich? Thus a central fallacy in progressive thought is exposed. Tax cuts are not transfers of wealth. Tax cuts are a government prohibition upon itself from taking even more money from wealth creators. Earth to Weinstein: It was never the government’s money to transfer in the first place. Weinstein’s inane comment merely reiterates tin eared tone deafness of progressives to basic concepts of liberty.

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Contra Weinstein, it’s the rich, who foot the lions’ share of the bill for wealth transfers in America. Furthermore, as Stephen Moore has shown, lower tax rates means “progressivity—in terms of total taxes paid—has risen.” That is, lower taxes stimulate economic growth and hence overall increase tax receipts.

So keep on keeping on Matt, you make our arguments for us.

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