Scare(d) Tactics

The Maryland Democratic Party is using an interesting if highly cynical tactic this election season. What happened to hope and change and the new politics? But I digress.

The Dems are trying to create a wedge between the tea party movement (vessel for voter the general angst against them) and Martin O’Malley’s presumptive Republican challenger—Bob Ehrlich—arguing that he is exploiting their outrage.

The clever little deceit in this ploy is that they would have us forget elections are referendums on incumbents and they and Martin O’Malley have exactly bupkis to run on. Pay no attention to the leprechaun behind the curtain!

So let’s talk about O’Malley the incumbent.

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Speaking of exploitation, where is that roll back of the BGE rate increase O’Malley cynically exploited in 2006? O’Malley increased electricity rates by 85% and that’s not counting the unnecessary fee increase from RGGI, and the indirect regulatory increases sure to come from the state’s version of cap and trade. We could no more about this, but the O’Malley administration doesn’t want you to know who is writing the regulations.

Speaking of transparency, O’Malley’s rhetoric about accountability is just that because his vaunted State Stat is joke. Furthermore, he is refusing to implement the state’s transparency law.

O’Malley increased spending by the same amount he enacted in the largest tax increase in state history he enacted in 2007? That tax increase was supposed to solve the state’s structural deficit. It hasn’t. O’Malley’s reckless spending has only exacerbated it. Indeed even under the rosiest of estimates O’Malley’s 2011 budget saddles the state with 8.3 Billion in deficits in out years.

Democrats in the General Assembly have proposed for the 2010 session even more spending for their own pet interests.

O’Malley’s so called “progressive” tax policies have increasingly fallen on the backs of the middle class and millionaires aren’t the only folks fleeing Maryland.

Now O’Malley is claiming to be a jobs, jobs, jobs governor. Really?
Under O’Malley’s march Hilton Hotels chose Virginia over Maryland for it’s corporate headquarters, lost Black and Decker, is on the verge of losing Northrop Grumman and the state ranks 45th in business climate by the Tax Foundation. In fact, the evidence suggests—no disrespect to Bob McDonnell—that O’Malley is Virginia’s jobs governor.

Actually I’m being a bit unfair to the governor. O’Malley has made Maryland friendly to business—if it is aligned with his political agenda—his former apparatchiks are poised to grease the wheels for you. Moreover his economic development commission is stocked with Democratic donors who are little more than rent seekers and know nothing about creating real economic growth.

Yep, Maryland Democrats are indeed scared. Their latest stunt just merely confirms that they know that we know the state’s current economic and budgetary mess is a shabingus of their own making.

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