Red Maryland Table Game Poll Results

The results of the Red Maryland Table Gaming poll are in. 74 people responded to our Survey Monkey poll. The results are of course, unscientific.

I would have put in all the cross tab/charts bells and whistles, but that requires a paid upgrade for Survey Monkey, and contrary to popular belief we’re NOT funded by the vast right wing conspiracy.

Any way on to the results (spreadsheet below)

74% of respondents favored expanding gambling to include table gaming in Maryland. 26% opposed it.

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92% want any expansion to table gaming coupled with a rollback of the sales tax to 5%.

45% of Marylanders wanted to see any revenues from expaded gambling go to general revenues. 23% want it socked away in the rainy day fund, 22% want it to fund education, about 10% want to see the funds used for transportation, and a whopping 1%want it used to expand state programs.

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