Now Jessica’s Law is a Concern for O’Malley?

“I am committed to working with members of both parties to build on and strengthen laws like Jessica’s Law — which I signed in 2007 — to make sure that we do everything within our power to prevent the loss of another Sarah Foxwell.”

Martin O’Malley–from AP’s coverage of O’Malley’s speech to MACO’s winter meeting.

I’d like to remind the governor that he merely signed the law, and didn’t even bother to lift a finger to shepherd the bill through the legislature. He did nothing to pressure the tort lobby or the recalcitrant members of his party blocking the bill. He was silent on the rude and boorish treatment toward supporters of Jessica’s Law by the Democratic leadership in the House and Senate judiciary committees.

A phone call to Joe Vallarrio and Brian Frosh or a public statement of support could have easily pushed the bill through. Yet he did nothing.

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I’d also like to remind the governor, that it was his own lieutenant, Anthony Brown, who led the procedural maneuvering in the House to kill Jessica’s Law in the 2006 session.

Maybe the governor was too busy planning the largest tax increase in state history to care about strengthening our state’s child sex-offender laws.

Perhaps not until now when he can cynically exploit the issue to burnish his reputation on public safety to obscure his fiscal mismanagement of the state despite the massive tax hike and ingestion of millions in federal stimulus dollars.

Sanctimonious media outlets hurl thinly veiled accusations of cynical politics by “usual back-benchers” calling for tougher sentencing and parole laws for child sex offenders. Yet they won’t call out their paramour in the state house for the same ostensible sin.

While I welcome the added momentum for the efforts to pass tougher laws the governor’s support brings, I have to ask did he ever really care at all?

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