News from the Front

Just got off the phone with Maryland U.S. Senate Candidate Eric Wargotz who is on the ground in Massachusetts helping out the Scott Brown campaign in the final hours of tomorrow’s crucial U.S. Senate Special Election.

Wargotz described the mood on the ground as an “excited quiet” due to the snowstorm that hit the Bay State today. Wargotz and his field director, noted former Delegate Don Murphy, traveled up to Massachusetts over the weekend.

“Nothing we can do that is more important than supporting Scott Brown,” Wargotz said. A brown victory “helps the country, helps the party, and helps campaigns like mine across the nation.”

Wargotz and Murphy met with the campaign leadership at the campaign headquarters in Needham Heights, went door-to-door in support of the candidate, and attended an impromptu rally in Brown’s hometown of Wratham, where over 1,000 supporters gathered and Brown promised to shake everyone’s hand before he left the site of the rally.

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“The Brown race is a game breaker; it changes races such as Wargotz vs. Mikulski in Maryland,” Wargotz said.

“Massachusetts woke up with the health care bill, and the country has woken up to see how important the 41st vote is in the Senate.”


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