Judd Legum is Gutless, and other facts of life

I’m going to be straight about it: Judd Legum (D-Soros) has no balls.

Word on the street was that Judd Legum was mad about my post detailing the truth behind his campaign cash haul last week. So instead of manning up and saying so himself on his own blog, his own website, or his own Twitter feed like any normal person would, Legum decided to put the “yellow” in “Yellow-Dog Democrat” and recruited a flunky, Anne Arundel County Democratic Party Chairman Stephen Thibodeau, to do it for him four days after the fact with a post up on Maryland Politics Watch.

Yeah, it’s real scintillating stuff too, made more impressive by the fact that Thibodeau in his pathetic defense of the feckless Legum concedes virtually every major point that I was trying to make about Legum being a product of out of state Democratic interests.

The one point that Thibodeau really really wanted to pounce on was this:

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Well, it’s only beyond comprehension if one doesn’t realize that the Thayaparans are part of Legum’s family. His in-laws, to be precise. Had Griffiths bothered to do a simple Google search of “Judd Legum Thayaparan”, he would have found several references to Judd Legum and Roshini Thayaparan. Roshini is Judd’s wife. So either Griffiths didn’t bother to check something basic – that the donations in questions were from his family – or Griffiths did in fact know and thought it would make great copy to insinuate something shady was going on. Either way, bad form, Brian.

Apparently, Stephen Thibodeau has a magic Google which some connects the word wife and/or marriage to the two names. Because I searched the names four days ago. I searched them again today. And, of course, there is no connection to the casual observer. I would refer you to the extensive biography of Legum located on Legum’s campaign webiste….except one doesn’t exist on Legum’s website.

So, to summarize Thibodeau’s main points:

  • Raising money from out of state is OK if it’s family.
  • Dancing around the fact that a number of small contributions came from a small number of people donating multiple times is OK.
  • Rasing 71.2% of your campaign funds for a local race is OK.
  • Don’t look at us, look at Ron George!

I guess we now know why Anne Arundel County has a Republican Majority….

(And as an aside; during this filing period, Delegate Ron George had four donations made from out of state. Four. That means that 98.5% of Ron George’s total donations and 98.3% of all dollars raisedwere from Maryland donors)

Again, I point out that Thibodeau concedes every major point that I made. And to boot, he refuses to deny that Legum’s campaign, while not taking money from state PACs and lobbyists, is raking in big money from Washington-based, federal lobbyists who are part of the Clinton machine.

The funniest thing about this however, is the fact that poor old Judd Legum is angry because somebody dared to question. And let’s not forget here, that Legum is a product of the hypercompetitive political environment from the Clinton Campaign Machine. Apparently, Judd Legum can dish out the heat, but he can’t take it when the spotlight is foisted upon himself.

I like to think of it as a football fan who wants to criticize the decision making of the team’s quarterback; sure it looks easy when you’re watching it on TV. But I can tell you from stepping is as a quarterback for my social league touch football team that it’s a whole different animal when it’s you scrambling around in the pocket.

And to top it all off, Judd Legum didn’t even have the intestinal fortitude to respond himself. He had to find somebody else to do his heavy lifting for him. So, so sad.

Here’s some advice Judd; if you want to represent the people of District 30, you’re going to have to make the tough decisions on your own. You can’t get other people to fight your battles for you in those time when you curl up in the fetal position, suck your thumb, and act like a lily-livered coward. If you don’t grow a spine, you’re just going to make more of an joke out of yourself than you already have.

Next time you need to say something….say it yourself.


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