Chuck Jenkins Gets the Nod

When the ostensible leaders of the Frederick and Washington County GOP central committees couldn’t agree on a successor to retiring District 3B Delegate Rick Weldon they took the unusual step of letting the guy who is trying to make them more irrelevant than they are choose who would represent that district.

Governor O’Malley made his choice and it is Frederick County Commissioner Chuck Jenkins.

We’ve made the point that we at Red Maryland thought both candidates were solid though I, anyway, preferred Michael Hough who I think is more likely to vote against the unending stream of tax hikes emanating from this administration.

Be that as it may, Chuck Jenkins will now represent me in Annapolis and we hope he strives to emulate Senator Mooney in fighting the over reach of the O’Malley administration rather than cooperating with it for perceived advantages for District 3B. November will provide the district with the opportunity for a referendum on how well Mr. Jenkins has done in that regard.

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