Check, to You Mr. Kratovil

With Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts’ special election to fill Ted Kennedy’s Senate, the onus to pass Obamacare shifts to the House. No doubt Rahm Emmanuel will be on the hill strong-arming Democrats to vote for the Senate version of the health care “reform” bill. Not a few House Democrats are not hoping

Remember, Nancy Pelosi barely moved the House version of the bill out of her chamber (3 votes) back in November. Frank Kratovil got the proverbial hall pass and was allowed to vote no. With Obama’s signature policy initiative on the line the whip will crack hard on all Democratic members, including Kratovil.

With Andy Harris mounting a rematch, Kratovil’s seat is extremely vulnerable.

Kratovil touts his independence, but in the end–when it counts–on major votes like the stimulus and cap and trade he’s toed the party line.

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Will he vote the will of his conservative leaning district

It’s your move congressman.

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