Barack Obama Proves Lisa Gladden is Right…

Party does indeed trump race

Amazing isn’t when a quote progressive unquote—like Harry Reid—utters objectively racist remarks, how the progressive establishment i.e. the President himself bends over backwards to excuse the comments. Move along nothing to see here.

Everything is kosher though because Obama knows what’s in Reid’s heart, and because of his allegedly “passionate leadership” on issues of “social justice.” Meanwhile progressives label nonracist opposition to their campaign for a government takeover of health care as…racist. It’s a pathetic update of the old and equally pathetic cultural Marxist argument that conservatives are bad guys because of rigid potty training.

Of course, when a conservative mockingly parodies a progressive’s racial insensitivity, it’s—natch—proof positive of the base racism at conservatism’s core.

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The hypocrisy would be laughable if progressives weren’t so cynically tone deaf to their own history of racism and eugenics.

Also, never mind the tsunami of progressive harpies shrieking smashing the bulkheads had prominent Republican senator s spoke Reid’s words.

Mark Steyn keenly notes that the progressive reflex to defend Reid is a natural consequence of the absurd identity politics they pursue:

To those of us who find identity politics repugnant, it would seem to confirm that an unhealthy obsession with “anti-racism” eventually becomes so condescending it’s indistinguishable from racism – or, at any rate, the micro-classifications of apartheid – to the point where bigtime Dem honchos are sitting around saying, “What we need here is a clean octoroon.” “Well, this high yaller from Chicago might do the trick.”

Don’t fret though my progressive friends, the good senator Gladden has a prescription for your woes: Just simply don’t care. Nothing else matters, massive budget deficits, tanking economy or whatever because well… Barack Obama is president.

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